Eau Claire

Sometimes, in the midst of it all, school, work, meetings, and the ever distracting social media, we need a break. An escape. A breather as I like to say. This past weekend I went up to Menomonie, Wisconsin to visit my boyfriend, Jake, at his college. We hadn't seen each other for about three weeks and we were so pumped to be reunited once again. We caught up and made a game plan to go to Eau Claire the next day to explore the town and obviously have a photoshoot. And here, our day began.


We woke up to a grey cloudy day with hidden spots of warm, radiant sunshine (BOY was that great after these freezing Minnesota days). After a relaxing morning of grabbing coffee at the Raw Deal, which is COMPLETELY necessary, we zipped over to Cedarbrook Church just in time to enjoy the service, then - we were off!


Our first stop was the Eau Claire High Bridge overlooking the Chippewa River, we (pretty much just me) frolicked over to the bridge like a giddy child who was just about to get an ice cream cone (I'd be equally excited to be honest). Just the idea of exploring a town we knew barely anything about put excitement into our bones. We were so ready for this day. I also opted to take a photo to actually acknowledge that we were together again (YAY!).

Photo by Jake Dixon

Photo by Jake Dixon

Photo by Jake Dixon

Photo by Jake Dixon

After our little photoshoot on the bridge and in bushes - yes these were just bushes, that amazingly look like a cool magical forest of some sort - we decided to head out to Mount Simon. Now keep in mind, we had both never really been to Eau Claire so we didn't really know how to get to all these cool spots. So after spending about a half hour wandering around a forest clearing and trying to find were the trail started - we began!


The trail was surprisingly jagged and slippery as the trees bent down lingering above the calm waters. It was incredibly peaceful. It's crazy how much being out in the middle of nowhere with the person you love can really bring a sense of just pure joy. I felt myself smiling to myself without either of us even saying a word. That's pure joy. EVEN though we were both sweating like crazy, we sarcastically laughed it off, and kept moving forward.

After about forty-five minutes of pure sweat, WE MADE IT! It slightly felt like a miracle considering we didn't really know where we were supposed to be going except up. But HEY! We did it. And WOW. It was so worth it.


We could see the autumn leaves for miles and miles, we sat with our feet dangling off the edge, taking in the view, appreciating the beauty of this place as the breeze grew stronger and the air grew colder. It was overwhelmingly refreshing. And not to mention stunning. 

Photo by Jake Dixon

Photo by Jake Dixon


I've always loved traveling and even the tiniest moments of travel, like this, can make me the happiest human. Especially when I get to spend it with someone who is so equally excited to be there, together. Distance is a weird, funny thing. But distance reveals what's important; trust, hope, love, compassion, understanding. All of it. Some days can be tough, like when you have that really bad day and all you want is a hug from that certain someone. Or maybe at night when they are all you can think about. It makes you appreciate every single moment. It helps you truly live in the present, and for that moment, when all you feel is pure joy.

Photo by Jake Dixon

Photo by Jake Dixon


indulge in every moment of pure joy, thrive in it and always carry it in your back pocket 

life is for living and being with the people you love