Moving Forward

This year could have easily been one of the most crazy years of my life. When I say crazy I definitely mean that all it has been is change. With change comes a heavy wash of new perspectives, fear, excitement, and all sorts of weird emotions. I've felt alone, yet comforted,  nervous yet ready for the new. For each and every person in the world, each year, even every day, comes with it's new set of challenges, successes, failures, mistakes, surprises and disappointments. All of it. There's no easy way through life. All we can do is hope for the best and make the most of what we do have.


This is a platform where I love to share my thoughts and ideas along with my successes and fails, so overall - life. So as December has approached so quickly and the new year is more than ready for us, I'm going to share with you 3 things I've learned from this year and 3 things I hope to learn or get better at in this upcoming year. I know this is a pretty typical post, probably nothing you haven't heard before. My hope is that you get something out this, a new approach, perspective, or idea. So, here we go!



Even though it's so incredibly easy to feel stuck in one particular point in your life, you will always have choices. Choices to stay or leave. To keep it or let it go. Whatever it is to you, you always have options. Many things aren't in our control, yet we have to take advantage of the things that are and the things that allow us to change our circumstances, no matter how difficult that may be. My parents have always let me know that everything is temporary. That your current situation is usually only a snapshot in time and it's fleeting. Life will not always be the same routine, you have control, it's just up to you.


Wow. This one is huge in my book. I've never realized how important self-love was until this past year. I realized how much I doubted myself and I mentally told myself that I wasn't worth it or good enough. I told myself that I wasn't pretty enough, cool enough, smart enough, all of it. It slowly pulled me farther and farther away from my happiness and confidence, and therefore, it impacted most aspects of my life. I now realize that I should love my differences. I mean HECK! I want to be different, that's the beauty of individuality and imperfections. That's why we aren't carbon copies of each other, if we were meant to be so similar and if there was one way to be beautiful then we would all be created that way, but we aren't. Because beauty is your individuality. That's what makes you - YOU! If you allow yourself to love your flaws, you will be able to love others with more of your whole heart, without worry of what others think. It's truly freeing.


This year has brought so much unexpected change. For a while I didn't know where I wanted to go for school or if I even wanted to go at all. Then once I thought I made up my mind, it changed again last minute. So then I started a new job and a new school in the same week, as well as tried to start up my website. It's been quite the emotional rollercoaster considering I'm (fortunately?/unfortunately?) the most sensitive person I know. So to sum it up, it's been absolute madness! But it's also helped me learn to go with the flow of life and trust my journey. There will always be weird and sudden changes that might not sit well with us. But that's when you learn to either embrace it or change it. You learn how you deal with your problems and how you communicate with others. You learn so much more about yourself when you don't take the easy way out. And NEWS FLASH! - mostly EVERYONE IS SCARED! So just embrace the fear and use it as a tool to push yourself farther!



I obviously don't know your life but I think I'm speaking for mostly everyone when I say that we don't tend to take of ourselves in the midst of our busy lives. It's easy to have this idea of what you'd like your life to be like, and then constantly live in that dream and never make it a reality. I always think about how great it would be to wake up early, work out, eat a healthy breakfast, meet up with friends, be productive and get work done, save my money, travel a little here and there and then always get to bed at a good time. But the reality of my situation is that I wake up late, get to school late, spend too much money on coffee to try and stay awake, I go to work, leave being tired, maybe get more coffee, forget that I probably should've ate lunch, and then BOOM it's 9pm and I'm sitting on the couch watching another episode of Stranger Things whilst eating ice cream. Now. I know most people want to be happier and healthier this coming year. But to be this we need to take moment to think about what we want. WRITE IT DOWN. Put it somewhere where you can see it. Put down your phone, get off social media and Netflix, it's time to make time for you and what's REAL in your life.


Although this is something I've learned in 2016, I'm still FAR from good at it. It's SO stupidly easy for me to see someone else's life on social media and immediately ask myself why I'm not that way. How toxic is that!!! But MOST people do this without even thinking or knowing that they're doing this. Although there's no immediate solution to this, except get off of social media entirely(which is merely impossible), you CAN control this. It just takes practice and building that "their success is my success" mindset along with loving yourself.

(I expand more on this idea one of my other blog posts called "Failure")


No matter who you are we've all had someone in our lives that we can't help but question. Maybe they've talked down about you or the ones you care about. Maybe they talk about you behind your back. Maybe they are abusive physically or verbally. Or they just don't care about the friendship you offer and use you. Being a person who is extremely sensitive, it's hard for me to move forward from friendships. In the past I have fallen back on people who weren't good to me and didn't respect me. But I've realized that some people will not change, even if you've talked to them about it and had an open conversation. It's not always worth the effort when someone will not bother with your love and care. Some people are better off not in your life. As long as you know you were honest, open, and that you tried your best, there is not much else to it. Once you've hit the ball in their court, it is up to them to make a move. The most important thing is to surround yourself with people who truly care about your well-being and WANT to understand you and help you. Those are friends worth keeping.



Thanks 2016 for pushing me. 2017 - let's do this.