What Defines You?

In today's fast-paced world, full of busy schedules, long work days, and technology based  lifestyles, it's easy to forget what's important to you and especially what makes you- YOU! What do you value? What makes you happy or what makes your bucket full? These are all important questions to ask yourself. I'm definitely not  an expert on this whole "self love" thing, but I do know it's important to slow down our busy lives and focus on what you need to feel alive and full.

Something I believe is INCREDIBLY CRUCIAL to being happy, is doing things that make you happy. Take back your time. Sometimes you've got to be selfish with it. Don't let a week go by where you haven't done something you love. Always spend time to do things that make you enjoy life. I'm not saying that everyday will be perfect and that you won't have bad days(it's impossible!). But I assure you that it's easier to have more good days when you spend time to fill your bucket and feed your passions. Sometimes I like to spend time listening to music and freaking dancing! That makes me happy. Or getting coffee with my friends or even by myself. It's the little things that will make day to day life WAY more enjoyable.

Some people think that your personality comes from the top five people that you spend your time with. I believe this is pretty accurate, at least for my life. I want to surround myself with friends who lift me up. People who make me feel worth it and encourage me to be myself and accept every one of my flaws. These are the sorts of people that are there for me through thick and thin, I believe these people are SO necessary to a good life. People will always need other people. So make sure they're a positive part of your life. 

After talking about all of these people, I'm going to talk about the complete opposite(I'm so good at transitioning topics right?). This is spending time with yourself. Figuring out the things that make you yourself. Whether that be your interests, or your values and morals. One of my good friends told me about this concept she found out about. Brace yourself. It's called "MasterDATING." Great, isn't it. I think so. It's when you take yourself on a date and spend time in your own thoughts. Not saying other people aren't wonderful, but sometimes you need to be alone to truly think as yourself and learn to love being around yourself. So try it out!

These all are things that I'm slowly but surely learning to do. I hope this can help you to refocus yourself on what's important to you. I mean, there's only ONE you. So just freaking BE YOU. You're great.