Loving Your Now

As I've been entering a new season of my life, with a gap year, being busy with work, and focusing on photography, I've found myself losing focus on my now. My now? you ask. Yes, my now. You know, the things you're putting your heart and time into at the moment? That now - the work, the hobbies and passions, the family gatherings, the encounters of everyday life, the little things in life. The present season of your life.


How often do we find ourselves looking too far ahead? So far ahead, that we start stumbling over the things that are right in front of us? Like an old pair of shoes that we forgot we owned and never wear anymore. Or maybe we aren't even looking ahead but instead looking at others? Their successes, their wins. For me, this happens quite a bit. But the more I've delved into this new season of life, I've learned to slow down, focus on, and love my now. No more comparing. No more envy or jealousy. No more trying to compete in this race of life that was never even meant to be run in the first place.

Life is not a race to the next big thing. It's not a race to the promotion, to the new apartment or house, the vacation, the opportunity. Life's full of little pieces of nows, like a puzzle. Each piece is put together over time, meant to be enjoyed individually to their fullest, not thrown together and shoved to make fit where it shouldn't. Who ever told us to shove together our puzzle as fast as possible? No one. So slow it down. Find ways to enjoy each piece, each step, to the next thing. When you enjoy your now, you find a peace, and a gentleness about life. You find fulfillment in the little things, in the process.


If you only had one day left on this earth, would you rather have enjoyed your now? Or been beating yourself up because your not where someone else is? Seems like a pretty obvious choice, right? This world sometimes seems to be a world of comparison and competition - it's not, and it was never intended to be. Enjoy your now. Enjoy your part time job, enjoy your walks by the lake, enjoy your coffee in the morning, enjoy the conversation with your parents, enjoy the small things, because those are what count. No job promotion, vacation or material desire will fulfill the desires of your heart. And most of the time, we are all so focused on ourselves that no one else cares where your at, so you just go and DO YOUR THING! We are all just trying to do our best we can in this world, let's stop trying to one-up each other, and instead support each other in each step.


Love your now

You'll fly from there.