The "Block" - How to take it and RUN.

I'm sure most of us have been there. You have all these ideas that you want to put into your life but you still feel no push to get them done. You love chatting up and explaining your passion for the idea and you can feel yourself get excited about it, yet you still do absolutely nothing, there's no big push. You feel more or less stuck. This is EXACTLY what has happened to me over the past few months. I've thought of so many ideas that'd I've shared with a few close friends and family and I get so PUMPED about them. Yet when it comes to actually DOING it, I feel scared, frustrated, overwhelmed, and self-conscious of what others might think of what I want to do. It can be so frustrating and almost made me give up entirely on whatever it is I wanted to do. This is normal and natural, it's a freaking PART OF LIFE. You can't avoid it, you don't always have control over it, it just happens. SO - here are a few ways I've learned to take this "block" by the horns and RUN WITH IT!


1. Intentionally make time for the things you absolutely LOVE.

Whether that'd be chilling out at a coffee shop with a friend, taking a walk, or your favorite hobby, it's SO important, in every day life, not just when you're having a block. Making time for the things you love let's you soak in the joy of those moments and not focus on anything else. For me this meant spending time with people that made me smile, and spending time alone. Me, being the introvert that I am, needed time to be alone to replenish my energy and excitement for life, otherwise I feel exhausted, short-fused, and irritable and that's NOT a good way to feel in day-to-day life. So take care of yourself. When you intentionally take the time out of your day to dedicate it to something that makes YOU feel happy or peaceful, you allow yourself to be truly happy, and without worry, even if it's just an hour or so. It's WORTH it, because YOU'RE worth it. 


2. ACKNOWLEDGE the bad to FOCUS on the good.

This was HUGE for me when trying to get around this creativity block. I had to be fully honest with myself and understand how I was feeling. I began to notice how I much I was overthinking. I thought WAY TOO MUCH about being something others would approve of, I let my anxiety pull me away from the things I wanted to create because I was scared. Scared of what others would say, if they would approve or think it's dumb, or anything in between. Now - as destructive as this was, I needed to acknowledge this self-destructive thinking or else it would continue without me even knowing. The real truth was, people want you and I to succeed. Nobody wants to see you fail, and if they do, they're people who aren't worth you worrying about. After taking in the bad thoughts, I needed to focus on the good. Make a list even. Such as; "things that inspire me in my life: friends, family, traveling, photography, road trips, blah blah blah."  IT HELPS. Even writing this blog right now is helping me move through this awkward, uncomfortable, and frustrating stage. It makes you realize how much you have in your life and how much you shouldn't be worrying about. Gratitude is huge in feeling emotionally, spiritually full and replenished. 


3. Surround yourself with things/people that INSPIRE you.

People will always need other people, you can't live life avoiding the company of others, so be intentional with who you decide to be friends with. Surround yourself with people who encourage you, support you and push you to be a better human being. The people you surround yourself with can change your outlook/perspective on life. Friends should make you feel life you CAN, rather than make you feel like you CAN'T or you SHOUDN'T(depending on the circumstance of course). You have control over who you spend your time with, so be intentional and know that you're worth it. You're worth being surrounded by people who love you and want you to succeed. Another thing is to feed your passions by reading things, seeing things, watching things that inspire you and remind you why you love to do the things you do. It creates excitement inside of you once again.  For me this was watching documentaries about photographers and creators and reading some of my favorite blogs. This made me think, "I can totally do this. I miss this. THIS is AWESOME." I felt excited to pursue my passions and not overcomplicate anything, and just C R E A T E !

4. JUST DO IT !!

Yes, the Nike slogan, but hey, it's not a bad one. But honestly, just freaking DO it. Get up, dust yourself off, look in the mirror and say "I CAN DO THIS. I AM WORTH IT. I AM PASSIONATE AND I AM READY." Because you ARE. You always have been, it may not always feel like it but you are truly worth it. You CAN do this. You ARE passionate about something in your life. And you've ALWAYS been ready for whatever is coming your way. You can handle it with grace and dignity. You can move forward and do the things you've always wanted to do. Just go for it. Even if you have to force it. I've made myself go out with my camera and shoot everyday since acknowledging this "slump." I'm forcing myself to be creative and try new things to excite my passion. And GUESS WHAT? IT WORKS.  


SO - with that, I hope this helps with whatever you're going through right now. The moral of the story is -


*fist bump*