s e l f - l o v e

Man, self love is TOUGH. It's one of the toughest things I've ever learned to deal with and I'm still constantly learning to embrace it. But the pay off is OH SO powerful. We live in a world where our sense of beauty and worth is controlled by the media, by what big companies and businesses consider beautiful and worthy. They try tell us our beauty comes out of a package, that beauty is bought. They tell us that the beautiful eyes that we were born with need more, that they're not quite beautiful yet. They tell us our lives aren't beautiful because we don't "have it all together" - um. honestly...what does that even MEAN anyways? 

Let's start now. TODAY. Now is the time to tell our brothers and sisters that they are wonderfully made. We need to tell them that they are beautiful and WORTHY of happiness because of everything they are capable of. They are strong. They have beautiful eyes to see color and light and the world.  They have hands to create, hands to hold, people to hug and embrace. They have legs to leap and bound across the yard while feeling the grass tickle between their toes. They have a smile to share, with a mouth and voice to speak their word, and tell others about their wild ideas and dreams. They have a nose to smell a fresh home cooked meal or their favorite kind of pizza, of course. They have ears to listen for cries of help from others, the much-needed advice from their parents, OR to just jam out to their favorite song. They have a heart that is beating and keeping them alive. They have a body, no matter what shape or size, that is an incredible mechanism enabling them to live a life unlike any other.  They have ambitions, passions, ideas, and a love for life, that still may be waiting to be delved into. They have a open mind with thoughts that flow in and out of it 24/7 to share, to ponder and to wonder about this insane, messy and beautiful life that we all live together on this planet. It's time to tell them, your friend, you parents, your brothers and sisters, your neighbor, coworkers, partners, strangers, and especially YOURSELF. We are worthy, beautiful, and living, breathing works of art.

There are no more beauty standards. No more self-depricating thoughts. No more jealousy. No more comparisons. No more bringing others down for what they are/are not. There is only the absolute incredible beauty of what the Lord has given you. It's YOU! Try and love every bit of yourself as hard as it may be, because you are so SO worth it.