Growth, Life & Trust

Spring is on of those times of the year that always catch me by surprise. I kind of forget how beautiful this transition into life is. Honestly. I used to hate spring; all the melted snow, the muck, the mud - HAHA NOPE. It wasn't my thing. But the past few years, spring has brought me a sense of relief (I made it through another cold and dark winter, heck ya), and a period of growth, life, and rebirth, even in some literal senses. On the flip-side, winter has always seemed like a struggle to me. I was always excited for snow at first, then after about one month, I was OVER it, like most minnesotans (and freeze babies like me) of course. The farther into the winter I got the more memories of loved ones, and friends who had passed on during winter would flood my mind, those memories stick with me every winter. The depression sometimes overtook and controlled my life. But now I see how blessed I am to have known these people, and to celebrate and cherish their lives that they lived, rather than the lives they didn't. Although winter is hard, it's necessary to see how wonderful spring is. Thankfully, winter does end, and then comes the beginning of spring. The first days of warmth are so radiant that it warms up the patio, just enough to MAYBE take off my socks and stand out in the sun, even if it is only 50 degrees. I feel a breath of life within the world around me as the green leaves poke through to greet the crisp air, the birds sing, the sun rises to warm the cold earth, and life begins again. But that life never stopped, it was just out of sight. 

This spring has definitely felt like a long time coming. With this year of my life being the BIGGEST period of growth so far, somedays I felt hopeless, confused, lost, anxious and in fear of what was to come. But looking back on this winter, I am nothing but proud of who I have become; more independent, stronger, more accepting of myself and others, more loving, more confident in who I am as a woman in Christ, although I will always be growing, changing, and making mistakes. I've especially learned more about how to trust. Trusting this journey of life that God is taking me on. God's love for us is like the life to this earth, sometimes we can't see it (like in the winter) but it's always there.  Then there are day's when we can see the life. We can see what he has done in our lives. We feel gratitude wash over us, as we are thankful to have lived through tough times, because God showed us his love(kind of like spring, you can see the beauty of his love). He knows the trials we have faced and which ones will come. He knows our sins, shame, insecurities, struggles and doubts. Yet he knows our hearts, our passions, our ideas, our goals and our love for life. He knows us by nameI cannot wait to see what kind of plans he has in store for all of us, both challenging, and exciting.

This spring is going to be a season of trust. I am ready to rise up to who God wants me to be rather than what society says I should be. I am ready to be patient and thankful in whatever circumstance I find myself in, knowing that every moment is fleeting and temporary. I want to be joyful in as many ways I can, at home, at school, at work, and in everyday life. I am ready to love myself in every state I am and to just to be thankful I am alive with such great opportunities to take advantage of. We are able to handle challenges, hurdles, and unexpected things that life throws at us because the Lord is on our side, he's on everyone's side. Life is never easy, nor is life always fair, but God provides and he has a purpose  for you. He knows your heart.

"The grass withers, the flower fades, but the word of our God will stand forever."

- Isaiah 40:8


"I can do all things through him who strengthens me."

- Philippians 4:13